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The Agency

We believe in the power of creativity. Not just coloring outside the lines. but redrawing the lines entirely. We are dreamers who do, thinkers who tinker, and strategist who storytell. We don’t just want to make a creative statement, we want to start a creative movement.

Our agency was born when our owner decided he missed Meridian and wanted to move back (if you’ve visited, you’ll understand why). We’re located in a historic downtown Meridian building that was originally built in 1935 and what makes our agency unique is our incredible team and our ability to do most everything in-house. Our current clients are currently all over the world—from right here in Meridian to Bangkok Thailand. As hard as we work, we play even harder. We have breakfast together every Friday because we genuinely like each other. Every once in a while, YaYa (our mascot, the English bulldog), comes to work with us to offer inspiration and wet, slobbery kisses.