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When the City of Meridian asked us to create a new logo for our hometown, we relished the opportunity.

The Challenge

The old logo, with its static design and clutter of text, felt stodgy. Today’s Meridian rocks! From our offices in the heart of the historic downtown, we’ve watched a new energy sizzle through the city. We needed an exciting logo that captured that vitality. We also had a list of technical requirements to fulfill. For example, the logo had to work equally well on everything from business cards to billboards to webpages.

The Process

We started by asking what made our town great. It’s amazing what you take for granted about the place you call home until you really take a close look. By the time we finished what turned into a very, ahem, lively discussion, we had put together a long, long list. (And we all learned from each other about some hidden gems we’re dying to check out.)

Unleashing the creativity of our designers is always fun. We couldn’t wait to see what elements they came up with to represent our civic personality:

Meridian Logo Elements

The Design Elements

A circle represents the people who make up our vibrant community. It takes a big loop to embrace the rich mixture of nationalities, ethnicities and customs that make up our culture—and the wide-ranging quest for knowledge that makes us a center for education. No matter how broad the circle’s span, it always comes back together, in the tradition of Southern hospitality.

Two swooping lines suggest the tracks of the trains that built Meridian into a 20th-century economic and industrial powerhouse. The lines curve upward and converge, symbolizing our central location where two major interstate highways come together, and where planes soar up into the sky from our airport.

The oscillating line of a sound wave conjures up the melodious heritage of Mississippi’s oldest live music scene. It thrives at venues ranging from elegant performing arts centers to beloved local juke joints. That sound wave does double duty as a bold, artistic “M” for Meridian.

The Result

Meridian’s new logo feels modern, yet timeless. The diagonals and curves connote restless energy and ceaseless motion. Confident and cheerful, it even sports a welcoming smile—like the city it represents. Fields of color pull the elements together: blue for stability, trust and serenity, and green for growth and hope.